AGESCIC @ TG-Noise (06/11/2018)

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AGESCIC @ TG-Noise (06/11/2018)

Thomas Folegot, CEO of Quiet Oceans, presented the Project AGESCIC at the 12th Technical Group on Underwater Noise (TG-Noise) held on November 6th 2018 in Brussels. 

Quiet Oceans has been task to communicate on the key facts and the final results of the project AGESCIC to members of the MSFD Technical Group on Underwater Noise during the course of the project. The aim is to facilitate consideration of the results, conclusions and recommendations of AGESCIC by the European Commission. Indeed, future European reflexions and works can be supported by the results of the AGESCIC project.

The first action was to make aware the members of the Technical Group Noise appointed by the European Commission about the AGESCIC project and its main characteristics. Member of the Technical Group Noise are experts on environmental noise and government experts in charge of the implementation of indicator 11 of the MSFD.

Thomas Folegot's presentation was met with great interest by the members of TG Noise.