SubSea Quieter

The SubSea Quieter system is made of 3 elements :

  • A complex multi-layer membrane
  • An anchoring system
  • An automatic system to manage air pressure inside each membrane panel

The SubSea Quiter membrane base is a technical fabric, which is made up of different types of materials woven overlaid with a coating mixture of elastomer materials and a waterproof sealing foil.

Each SubSea Quieter panel is filled with air that can emptied or filled to manage coastal works activity phases, tidal range, currents and storms and allow vessel traffic. 

The SubSea Quieter production method and operating principle have been protected by two patents.


  • Ambitious targeted acoustic mitigation compared to other solutions: 15 to 20dB for low frequencies, meaning sound power level reduced from 30 to 100 times, and up to 35dB for higher ones.
  • Unique efficient solution against both turbidity and noise
  • Efficient solution even with tides, storms and currents
  • Easy-to-use and disruptive solution designed for and with end users (design thinking)
  • Durability
  • Climatic hazard and vessel traffic management without unsafe human interventions


  • TRL at the end of 2017 : 5/6
  • Technology developed by Naval Group’s underwater acoustic experts
  • Technology protected by 2 patents
  • First prototype tested in real conditions in Norway with NTNU Trondheim University in summer 2017
  • Targeted TRL for the end of 2023 : 8
  • Noise mitigation measured by NPL UK lab and numerical modelisation ¼ model scale test in bassin in 2020


1st Gen : Measured by NTNU in Norway (2017)

15dB until 2kHz,
Up to 35dB above 2kHz

2nd Gen : Measured by NPL in England (2019)

25dB at 1000Hz
30 to 60dB over 3kHz
(Better results and fully industrialized)

Extrapolation under 1kHz:
12dB at 100Hz
17dB at 200Hz

Simulated by LMA / CNRS

Mean of 20dB of loss at 750m from the source